Simon Cowell’s 9-year-old son Eric, will be the star of next season of Britain’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell’s 9-year-old son Eric, will be the star of next season of Britain’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell’s son Eric appears keen to audition for next season of Britain’s Got Talent, according to his music mogul father.

The 63-year-old BGT judge announced that his youngest son plans to showcase his singing talent and enter the audition when the show returns next year.

Simon admits it will be the “toughest” part of his career so far, describing the upcoming audition as his “torture”.

“He decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent,” he told The Sun.

“It’s going to be total torture.” I mean, of all the things I’ve ever done, it’s probably the hardest.

In addition to leading his successful Got Talent series, Simon remains at the top of his game in the music industry.

The Daily Mail’s Alison Boshoff revealed last week that Simon is actively planning a new band following the success of his previous bands One Direction, Little Mix and (in the US) Fifth Harmony. band.

Simon hopes to hit it big again in the music business, and he’s talking to scouts to find his next big thing.

A source close to Simon said cryptically, “Something is about to happen and is very different from what has been seen so far, and yes, it may require a new team.”

It’s a surprising development, considering that TV talent shows no longer have the appeal they once did (The X Factor aired in the UK in 2018 after 15 episodes).

Simon also severed all ties with his music label Syco (later closed) in 2022. But he’s clearly still actively working on his music career.

Bkterula walks the runway for Movalola

Bkterula walks the runway for Movalola

After release of her latest album LVL5 P1, an Atlanta rapper Bkterula walks the runway for Movalola in their fashion show.

Today, the average musician is rarely just that. Most are polymaths – from Solange, who is now traversing the realms of songwriting and interdisciplinary performance, to Saweetie, Joey Bada$ or Little Simz, exploring other disciplines in the arts, such as acting. For Atlanta rapper Bktherula, her expansion beyond music came by invitation. She will land in the UK for London Fashion Week and will model for Nigerian designer Mowalola.

Aside from being a runway model, the 20-year-old describes herself as an artist whose boundaries extend far beyond the world of rap. “I’m just an artist, man,” she declares when we meet at London’s Shoreditch House. “A rapper, yes, but an artist overall. I sing, and I’m inspired by other aspects of this. There’s so much more outside of music, too.” Still, Bktherula will always find a way to tie musical output into the equation. While talking about her plans to invite friend and collaborator Rico Nasty to a fashion party later that Friday night, she reveals that she’ll be performing a live set.

Called Brooklyn Candida Rodriguez off-stage, or outside of the booth, Bktharula grew up in Atlanta and was drawn to physics in late high school. It was there that she adopted the concept for her latest project, LVL5 P1. “You know there’s the third dimension and the fourth, well, this project is about existing and being here bro, but also not, being in another state. Here, but not really,” she explains



Inspired by big names in the industry, Sarre has established itself within the inner circle of Brit pop, amassing an impressive fan base since emerging in the 21st century. The artist has released a number of singles that are rich in quality and quantity. We’ll soon see Max’s debut EP, titled Hell Of A Life, sure to catapult his name into the sky of commercial success.

The new single is one of Sarre’s liveliest to date, with its colorful synths, punchy beats and punchy bass providing the right backdrop for the singer’s catchy melodies and confident performances.

Speaking about the track, Max commented, “Precision is a positive and confident electropop banger about how you should always feel good about how you go about your life. Be happy and confident with the person you are – you’ve got this!”