If you search TikTok for “see you later (ten years),” you’ll find thousands of heartbreaking videos, and the soundtrack to this equally heartbreaking original song. The viral success has taken Raine’s career to the next level, with the single having racked up 95 million streams on Spotify. So what was it like to write a song that resonated with so many people?

“I know it’s cliche, but it means the world,” she replies, “My goal has always been to be a light for people. ‘see you later (ten years)’ has helped people heal in ways I couldn’t imagine. I’m so proud of this song and the growth it’s given me and others.”

What many may not know is that the song was originally written at the request of a fan. At that point, Wren set himself the task of writing a hundred songs and asked people to come up with possible themes. A fan asked for a song about finding the right person at the wrong time…and the rest is history.

Jenna is keen to express her gratitude to everyone who has supported her: “I see my fans as friends. We have grown together, cried together, and laughed together. Growing closer to them is so heart-warming. I wouldn’t be where I am without their love and support.”